Scooter Camp

Important info

What to bring?

Necessary documents
The only necessary document is a Participant Card. This document will be generated by our system after successfull registration to the camp. Please remember to bring this document, because without it we will not be able to accept the participant at the camp.
High Performance Scooter
What is the difference between a high performance scooter and a recreational scooter? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information and advice we provide on our website: jakahulajnoga.pl. A scooter in good working order is essential. Before coming to camp, it is worthwhile checking if the scooter has any loose parts or backlash, cracks or bends.
Protective gear
Due to frequent impact on the knee, ankle and elbow areas, we recommend wearing protective gear for the above mentioned body parts when using a high performance scooter. The most useful are the kneepads. Protective gear should be well matched in size and thus rigidly adhere to the body, but not pinch or get in the way of easy movement. It is also worthwhile getting a mouth guard.
Suitable footwear is essential. The shoe should have a flat, smooth sole and be comfortable. Due to frequent physical effort, we recommend taking two pairs of shoes. For beginners we recommend footwear with uppers (high top sneakers) covering the ankle, because of hits to the ankle by the deck of the scooter when practicing and landing certain tricks.
(most importantly, comfortable):
- a large number of t-shirts
- long pants
- short pants
- underwear
- sweatshirts
- bathing suit
- flip flops or other suitable shower/pool footwear
- pajamas
- raincoat
- baseball cap
A well-selected size is important. The helmet should rigidly adhere to the head, but not constrict it. A 'nutcase' type of helmet that protects not just the top of the head but also the occiput (back of the head) as well is recommended. Ordinary cycling helmets, water sport helmets and other helmets are not suitable for riding a high performance scooter.
Personal hygiene items
- towel
- toothpaste
- toothbrush
- soap
- shampoo
A small amount of money will be needed by the young camper for small daily expenses such as drinks and sweets.
Good humor and a positive attitude.

Important info


How to distinguish between true high-performance (stunt) scooters designed for freestyle and made to current standards, from other scooters?

Weight: 3 - 4.5 kg

The deck has no moving parts, the edge of the deck is rectangular and the brake is directly bolted to the deck

Aluminum core wheels, covered with polyurethane, with a diameter of 100-125mm

The stripper bar (handle bar) does not fold and has no moving parts

Headset: integrated into the head platform.

More detailed information on the selection of the right equipment can be found on jakahulajnoga.pl

Many shops (chain stores, supermarkets, Allegro) offer \'high performance type\' scooters, which superficially resemble high performance scooters but are not. These scooters are not designed for stunts and high performance riding, they are not very sturdy, and they are dangerous and incompatible with current standards.

The participant should have a sound high performance scooter.

Scooter rental
You can rent a scooter for the duration of the camp. Our scooters are robust, safe and comply with current standards. Each of them has an efficient brake and pegs can be assembled upon request. For the optimum selection of a scooter, it is necessary to provide the participant\'s height. Please direct inquiries about scooter rental to the following e-mail address: [email protected].de
Branch of the Scootive scooter store
The Scooter shop will be operative during the camp in the school building. This shop is equipped with spare parts that meet current standards. Payment can be made in cash.
Online shop
If the scooter shop does not have a specific model part we encourage you to shop online in the store that stocks Poland's largest assortment and which possesses its fastest delivery (24hrs).