Scooter Camp

For parents


The safety of the participants of our ScootiveCamp is our priority.

Our experienced staff, our well-prepared place for scooter classes, our division of participants into groups according to level of skill, a scooter in good working order and the responsibility of each participant to wear a helmet while riding, are the factors that significantly reduce the risk of injury to those under our care. We place great emphasis on learning how to safely navigate around the skatepark and on responsible, correct and collegial behavior towards other campers.

There is a nurse and paramedic on-site during the scooter course.

In the neighborhood of the skatepark there is an ambulance with paramedics stationed round the clock.

All participants of the camp are insured against accidents (NNW) to the amount of 10,000 PLN.

For parents


We present below the most frequently asked questions and responses to them, so that you will not have any doubt as to the quality of our services.
At what age can children participate in the camp?
• ScootiveCamp camp is for young people age 7 - 18.

• The largest group of participants are usually age 7-11 and 11-14; older young people make up the smallest group and they often become friends with the staff and support their younger colleagues.

• We try to create a friendly atmosphere between all participants.

• Participants of a similar age are accommodated in one room.
Are the young people under constant supervision of our counselors during the camp?
• We provide care 24 hours a day from the time the child comes to camp until we deliver him/her back into the hands of a parent or guardian.

• Our staff consists of over ten adults for 60 participants (five instructors, counselors, a video operator, a photographer, a camp director and a paramedic or nurse).

Can young people leave the terrain of the facility by themselves?
• Young people can go outside of the center only with a counselor. We try, however, to make life in the camp varied and interesting, so that young people do not even feel the need to leave.
How intense are the scooter classes and how are they conducted?
• Young people are divided into groups depending on their level into beginners, intermediate and advanced. Classes are held in three sessions: morning, after the main meal, and in the evening. They are adapted to the physical abilities of young people. Instructors, who are responsible for interesting classes conducted in a friendly atmosphere, are at the disposition of the participants throughout the duration of the sessions. Each session starts with a warm up.
• The concept of 'free time' does not exist with us - we are always providing our participants with several options for activity and relaxation. No camper feels alone.
Should the participant be prepared for additional expenditures?
• We recommend taking a small amount of money - although this is not necessary. We try to satisfy all the basic needs of our charges. To avoid having the child keeping larger amounts of cash upon their person, there is a possibility of the storing, depositing and withdrawing of money from the group leader.
Is ScootiveCamp and ScootCamp are same Camp?
• Our staff in previous years was involved in the organization of another camp, but under the influence of continuous development and the pursuit of the highest quality with the staff we decided to organize a new camp - ScootiveCamp!

• We do not cooperate with KayoTravel, please do not reserve ScootiveCamp camps by booking KayoTravel ScootCamp.
Do I have the opportunity to contact my child during the camp?
• You have the possibility of direct contact with the child or the person responsible at the child's place of residence, whose name, surname, e-mail address and contact telephone number are indicated in the Tourist Service Agreement.