Scooter Camp

During the camp


High-performance scooter classes take place under the supervision of instructors on three levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.
Video coaching - analysis of progress on the basis of recorded video materials.
Visits by leading riders from Poland and the world.
Training on a trampoline with a scooter specially prepared for this purpose.
Classes on the servicing of high-performance scooters.
Competitions and contests with prizes.
A trip to a lake.
Sports tournaments
Photo sessions with a professional sports photographer.
Classes on building obstacles located in a skatepark.
Table game tournaments.
Water fights.
Fingerboard and Flick Trix tournaments.
Board games and card games.
Field games.
Film workshops.
Photographic Workshops.
Scootering films and feature films.
During the camp

High-performance scooter classes

Since ScootiveCamp consists of more than eight hours a day of organized scooter activities, we make every effort to make the training interesting and effective.
Participants are divided into three groups of advancement. A separate training program is prepared for each group that adjusts the course of classes to the skills of the participants.
The instructors, who are true enthusiasts, know perfectly well how, in a simple and clear way, to help young students learn to ride and perform tricks.

Besides teaching tricks, we work on jumping, balance and on motor coordination, which are essential to achieve progress in this sport.
zajęcia podczas obozu
instruktor Maciej Głód
Maciej Głód
Until recently he was a camper himself, now he teaches riding in a truly masterful way - he was 2015 Polish Champion and is the undisputed champion of warm-up! Maciek\'s classes are characterized by intensity and a lot of positive energy and thanks to his superb contact with children Maciek is a beloved instructor.
instruktor Karol Jewdoszuk
Karol Jewdoszuk
Always smiling from ear to ear, Karol is able to create a great atmosphere in the classroom and in a clear and simple way to explain every detail. Karol is defined not only by his smile but also his concentration, self-control and patience.
instruktor Karol Janeczko
Karol Janeczko
Od wielu lat intensywnie związany z hulajnogą wyczynową. Jeszcze kilka lat temu jeździł "zawodowo", a teraz spełnia się jako instruktor przekazując swoją wiedzę młodszym. Kiedy Karol jest na skateparku, zaraża wszystkich swoją pozytywną energią dzięki czemu nauka tricków jest jeszcze przyjemniejsza!